Legacy of a Photograph

“I sat with my daughter and we rummaged through an old biscuit tin. We looked at sepia toned photos with weathered edges. She ran her chubby fingers over the photos and asked about the people. Who were they, what were their names, how were they part of her life?”

This legacy started long before your photo shoot.

It may have started 10 months earlier as you stared at a positive pregnancy test.

It may have been many years prior to that when you started dreaming of having a babe in your arms.

Your legacy started as a feeling, became a dream, and grew over time.

Then you had your baby.

Maybe you booked a newborn session just to get some cute photos.

But you soon realised, this is a legacy.

After you’re gone this photo will still exist. Your great grandchildren will see this photo and look at the baby, now generations passed, and be in awe at this tiny piece of their genetic history.

They will look and wonder how their grandmother or grandfather was so little in this picture, how they were that tiny baby once. And they will look at the woman in the photograph holding the baby. They will wonder about her, ask questions about her. Look at her as a brand new mother. She was beautiful.

Assembling the memories of our lives or those we love so much is important.

Your family will have these photos, that timeless portal, and those photographs will live on and be passed down to the next generation. That is legacy, and that is why you invest in photographing your baby.

Capturing that small pocket of time, capturing new motherhood and new fatherhood, a brand new little baby.

Get the photo taken. Print it out. And pass it down. Don’t let it hide in a drawer.

Photographs are our servant of history and they are immeasurably valuable for the information they hold of us.

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Maybe (just maybe) this moment’s been in the stars all along.