Never outgrow the afterglow.

The timeless Sunshine Coast newborn and maternity photographer who unlocks, captures and illuminates family constellations.

From your hearts first eclipse, to the birth of new stars and alongside your family’s afterglow.








“It is said that women in labour leave their bodies… they travel to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, and return to this world together.”

- Anonymous

Today’s early moments, in their beautiful chaos, fly by.

As though time simultaneously stands still and disappears like a speeding-comet haze…

Whether from loved-up-ness or lack of sleep.

A montage of nappy changes, awkward naps, cold coffees. Those cute cheeks you can’t help but squoosh *moosh* *moosh*.

You know you want these early days captured. To relive over and over. To giggle ‘look how small you were!’ To celebrate those triumphant dark circles. And witness your bewitched adoration for them.

To not let these moments burn so bright, then fizzle out.

But you’re thinking – where’s the time? What if they cry? Or sleep the whole time? Oh man, what if I fall asleep?

Speedy proof galleries because we know you can’t wait to see.

Cute today and in 30 years.

An easygoing, relaxing and connected process.

Kind words from past clients

Here’s how we


1. Reach out

Share a little about you, and receive my complete price guide.

2. Reply

Let me know you’re keen to book (the sooner the better, as my calendar fills quickly!)

3. Momentum

We record your due date and send you a dreamy info pack with your next steps.

4. Oh, baby

Add me to your list of people you tell when “bub’s here!” and we’ll confirm your exact session date.

5. Attend

Arrive at my humble Mooloolah studio on the Sunshine Coast for your timeless photoshoot.

6. Twinkle

Cue the excitement! Receive your proof gallery and choose your fave images. Tissues at the ready!

7. Relive

Never outgrow that afterglow with your time capsule gallery – a captured legacy.

Maybe (just maybe) this moment’s been in the stars all along.

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