Where is your studio located?

My ‘studio’ is at Palmwoods. To be honest, it is my home first and also my work space.
I am available on location by request…. what does that mean?? It means I come to you, or an agreed location.
For children, and families I love nothing more than the look of natural light, so together we can discuss appropriate locations and choose and agreed location.

I photograph weddings at the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba and happy to take wedding commissions for other locations upon discussion.

When do we need to book?

Newborn sessions are best to held in the first 5 – 10 days of life as this is when baby is more sleepy and before they lose the ‘newborn look’, trust me it doesn’t last long, so don’t hesitate with booking.
It is best to book while you are still pregnant.

For all other sessions I generally require 3 – 4 weeks notice to be able to schedule a mutually suitable time.

Newborn sessions are generally held in the morning; and outdoor portrait sessions are generally held in the late afternoon.

How long will the session last?

Newborn sessions generally last 2 – 3 hours, depending on how sleepy baby is.
 We don’t rush anything and allow time for feeding, burping etc to keep baby happy and content.
It is best to not schedule any other appointments or visits prior to lunch on the date of your appointment.

Other sessions are usually of about one hour duration.

 Do I feed the baby before the session?

We ask that baby has a lovely big feed prior to the session so that he or she is nice and sleepy. We can expect top up feeds along the way too. Please don’t stress about feed timing, if baby is hungry we go with the flow.

What should we wear?

For newborn sessions wear what you are comfortable wearing. But if you’d like some guidelines… Plain T-shirts look better on dads and mums can wear anything from a long dress to pants and a simple top. If you have a black shirt for dad and black singlet for mum, these look great on the black backdrop, and work well for the ‘baby in dad’s arms’ shot (or white Tshirt on white background is also an option). 
If you would like siblings to be photographed, simple solid clothing works best. No bright colours, cartoon characters or brand name clothes is the best option.
I’m happy to consult further on the day to advise what will photograph best.

For family sessions, this is very important.

I have some guidelines which I have found make for lovely images that reflect individuals personalities.

  • It is great to coordinate – but not to match
  • If you have a theme or a colour palette that everyone sticks by; this is far nicer than everyone dressed the same; and nicer then everyone wearing something totally different that may clash or stand out over others
  • Steer clear of brand name clothing, cartoon characters on kids clothes and clashing patterns or colours
  • For example: everyone could start with denim or blue, plus a couple of other complimentary colours, such as white, black, grey, other blues, or tans and you can even ‘finish’ it off with a pop of colour.
  • Guys: shorts or trousers/jeans, tshirts, polos or button ups are all fine.
  • Girls: shorts, jeans, or skirts plus a nice top, or a dress in a colour that fits in with the colours chosen

If you would like some visual example just let me know 🙂

Feel free to provide your own props, accessories, or other quirky or sentimental items, this is your photo session and a chance to have a little fun with it.

How long after the session can I see my images?

Following your session I will post a sneak peak onto my Facebook account within 48 hours.
From there I will take the time to edit and enhance all the images in your gallery.

An online gallery link will be provided to you within two weeks.