Kirsty Lea Photography Workshop – Newborn Posing – March 2014

So… that whole thing about me being terrible at sharing images is case and point here. Way back in March 2014 I spent the day with Kirsty Lea Photography, and I think I’ve shared like one image so far from that day, and these newborn photos are just too cute to stay hidden.
Kirsty Lea is a portrait (newborn, maternity, family) and wedding photographer from Cairns. She flew down from Cairns to deliver her workshop on newborn posing and styling.

I love workshops for a few reasons. Firstly, you obviously pick up new hints and tips. Secondly, the presenter does all the hard work with styling, settling and posing the babies; which leaves participants the much easier portion of photographing the bubbas and editing the images thereafter.
And thirdly you get to spend a whole day with like minded people and develop some lovely friendships.
The styling in these photographers is thanks to Vanessa Brown Photographer, and Rachelle Edwards Photography (who also hosted the workshop). Vanessa has the most enviable collection of props, fabrics, flokatis (those big thick woollen blankets… she has one in nearly every colour), tiebacks, headbands etc.
And also a big thanks to Kate from A Little Life for supplying some more beautiful props.
Props are one of those things that you can never have enough of…. which is terrible because it keeps me very broke buying new gorgeous fabrics and sets.
I have in fact forgotten the names and ages of our adorable models… oops. Perhaps if Kirsty gets a chance to read this she may comment below with their ages.
What I do remember is the little boy photographed was seriously chilled out. He is baby number 5 and was a totally amenable little guy. And bendy, which is awesome for attempting poses like the ‘taco’ pose you see him in below. Not all babies are as bendy or pliable, and we always leave babies well within their comfort zones. Safety is always number one for bubbas.
On that note… check him out below along with the two gorgeous little ladies we photographed.

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