Bonnard Family // December 2015


For many families, the only time they all gather is to celebrate Christmas. It is also the perfect opportunity to have an extended family session and update photos for all the members of the family.
I had so much fun with the Bonnard family over Christmas of 2015, and here is a very small snippet of their huge gallery.



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Fox Family // 27 December 2015


Surprise sessions are the best. I love that a family’s priority is to arrange family photos, and to gift them to those they adore.
In this case, Emma from New Zealand, arranged this family session to surprise her parents, whilst she and her family was visiting the Sunshine Coast over Christmas.
Mum, Dad, their two children, partners, and grandkids were included for this special session.

Our location choice was important as Cathryn, Emma’s mother, is wheelchair bound and has two frozen shoulders. We were able to gently place Cathryn in some spots around Noosa Botanic Gardens and have her family surround her. I adore the love and connection between the family, and especially between Cathryn and Derek <3

Here is a small snippet from their session.




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