Best Family {Sunshine Coast Family Photographer – Sunshine Coast Family Photography}

Best Family Session – Point Cartwright, Sunshine Coast

{Sunshine Coast Family Photographer – Sunshine Coast Family Photography}

As you may know… I’m rather behind on my blogging, this family photography session was from way back in July 2013.
The weather was real hit and miss and I was contemplating postponing for another day.
It seemed we had great timing as we missed the rain, albeit got the wind!
The Best family were so much fun to shoot, and the kids were seriously cute. I love mum’s styling and colour coordination of the family, everyone looks great together, there is no cheesy “white and denim”, but people’s personalities are still reflected. Spot on mum!

BestFamilyJuly2013-1 BestFamilyJuly2013-5 BestFamilyJuly2013-7 BestFamilyJuly2013-10 BestFamilyJuly2013-21 BestFamilyJuly2013-28 BestFamilyJuly2013-29 BestFamilyJuly2013-33 BestFamilyJuly2013-35 BestFamilyJuly2013-37 BestFamilyJuly2013-51 BestFamilyJuly2013-54


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