I am inspired by

the excitement of pregnancy
the wonder and awe of growing a baby
the anticipation of their birthday
the swirl of emotions when they arrive
their completely unique perfection
and the love you have for them

it is my joy to photograph these moments for you…



Hi, I’m Megan and I want to take your photograph. Seriously… it’s not just my ‘job’, it’s what I love to do. I love capturing your most precious milestones and memories, and I also love taking photographs for when people have no other reason than wanting a beautiful image to last a lifetime.

I’ve enjoyed photography for as long as I care to remember. As a young girl I would make my friends be ‘models’ and I would set up photo shoots for them. This evolved, along with my passion for horses, into photographing for horse stud promotion and sale advertising photos. I’ve been working as an equine photographer since 2008.

Inevitably, life progresses, and mine took the direction of starting a family. I sold my horses, and my beautiful competition mare went over to Western Australia. With this change in focus I made the decision to invest my time and energy into developing the portraiture aspect of my photography.

These days I specialise in Newborn photography. I believe there is nothing so precious as that amazing new life, and it is my absolute privilege to document these first days.

I welcome your enquiry and look forward to capturing the moments that mean the world to you.